The famous Normandy international basketball tournament is getting older and maturing.


The Quartier Ouest association is celebrating the 15th anniversary of its Pro/am basketball tournament on June 15-16, 2024 in Mondeville (Normandy, France).

Our structure is a national and international benchmark in the organization of basketball-related events. The QO is one of the three most important street basketball tournaments in Europe.

This tournament, which was launched in 2007, has since established itself as a benchmark among basketball events, in France and internationally. It takes place every year, and gives the opportunity to receive amateur and professional players, from France or abroad.

This tournament, which was launched in 2007, has since established itself as a benchmark among basketball events, in France and internationally. It takes place every year, and gives the opportunity to receive amateur and professional players, from France or abroad.

This sporting event consists of a 5×5 adult basketball tournament, which brings together a women’s field of 8 teams as well as a men’s field of 16 teams, all open to clubs, associations, or simply to teams of friends.

In addition to sporting performances, we are working to give an ever more spectacular dimension to our event, by adding a more streetball character. For this, the weekend will be punctuated by matches, contests (dunks, 3pts), entertainment, dance shows, and all this to music by our Hip-Hop and Afro DJs.

The tournament will take place on 2 sites, separated by a distance ranging from 5 to 10 minutes on foot, to ensure the smooth running of the tournament, as well as the reception of players, players and the public. These 2 places are :
Halle Pierre Beregovoy, which will be the reception point, with its main room.
Gymnase Jean Maurice, which will be our second field.


Quartier Ouest association, located in Normandy, has more than 15 years of existence to the point of being considered as a reference in France and internationally, in the organization of sporting events related to basketball. Among the latter, we can find internships for young people, humanitarian missions, but also tournaments, the most famous of which is called the Quartier Ouest. This event brings together professional and amateur players from the four corners of France, Europe, Africa, the USA and even Japan. We were able to see in particular the French international Nicolas Batum, player of the NBA team of the Los Angeles Clippers.

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The benefits of this event will be used to finance and strengthen our actions in Africa via the Just A Kid From Africa project, by providing our material, financial and logistical support.

The Big Dates of the QO

The big debut, with ten all-male teams taking part.
There are already international teams there with the Globe Trotta Records, coming from Los Angeles and led by the R&B singer Humphrey, as well as the Hoops Starz team, straight from Hungary. Finally, it is also the arrival of the MAGIC FREESTYLE CREW, coming from Brussels for a freestyle basketball session and a Gala match.

This year brings the launch of the women’s tournament, as well as the first participation of Nicolas Batum, a French international playing in the NBA.

An edition stamped PRO A, with the presence of players like Adrien Moerman (Nancy), Paul Lacombe (ASVEL), Gedeon Pitard (Le Havre) or Ousmane Camara (Le Havre).

The highest edition in the history of the QO, for men. We can mention teams like the NEW DRAFT composed of Camille Eleka and Nicolas Batum, the OLD SCHOOL team where we could see Modibo Niakate and Sambou Traore, or a team set up at the last minute with Georgi Joseph and Tony Ramphort. And let’s not forget the first presence of our official Speaker Pierre Salzman-Crochet.

It’s the women’s turn to present the most beautiful women’s line-up. First of all, the JOJO TEAM team where you can see the international Ingrid Tanqueray (ASVEL). Then, the big favorites of the DIKAI, made up of French internationals Kadidia Minte (Charlevilles) and Touty Gandega (Chartres). And finally, SELF CONTROL, with Aida Fall and Diana Gandega, who is none other than Touty’s big sister.

It’s the return of Nicolas Batum for the third time, after his defeat in the final in 2013. This time, he won the duel and finished MVP accompanied by his best friend Camille Eleka and Angelo Tsagarakis against the French international Andrew Albicy and Jordan Aboudou. The tournament is gaining new momentum.


For ten years, it was fire!
Afro hair salon, the presence of one of the best European dunkers named Joel Henry, and Freestyle basketball session with Spinboy, and the arrival of dancers.

For its big comeback, we had the opportunity to welcome a team from Japan, Team SWORD, as well as the Speaker of Quai 54 and the Jeep Elite, Jamil Rouissi. Without forgetting the presence of two Dunk legends, Kadour Ziani and Guy Dupuy. Note that this edition received the most athletic player ever seen at the QO, who is none other than Sylvain Francisco (Levallois – ProA).

It was our second edition far from our Hérouville lands! In the professional room of the Halle Pierre Beregovoy, which delighted the players and the public. Always with a 3X3 Inter-Business and Leisure tournament the day before, as well as the QO Kids United on Sunday in partnership with Caen Sud and Colombelles. And with distinguished guests Franglish and Kader Bueno.


This year, many teams from all over France, Europe, Japan and North America will be at the QO2K24 meeting.

The Sunday entertainment will once again be very exciting, with competitions (3Pts/ Dunk), a demonstration of freestyle basketball and Hip-hop, in addition to distinguished guests and many surprises.

Our tournament will always remain for pros and amateurs. Even with the presence of many pros, amateur players will always have their place in Quartier Ouest.


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