Article 1 – Teams

The teams are made up of a maximum of 10 players (6 players minimum), born in 2011, 2012, see 2013 for the U13s, and 2009 and 2010 for the U15s.

During the tournament, each team will play a minimum of three matches, in pools of 4, as well as a quarter-final.

The coach of each team is expected to be the representative and the only interlocutor with the organization.

Article 2 – Outfit

Each team will have to come with two sets of jerseys.

Article 3 – Tournament

The tournament will take place on 2 sites, to ensure the smooth running of the tournament, the reception of the teams and their technical supervision.
These 3 places are:
Mondeville, which will be our reception point, with the Halle Beregovoy and the Jean Maurice gymnasium.
Caen, where group matches and all classification matches will take place.
Carpiquet, where group matches and all classification matches will take place

The order of the meetings will be fixed by the organization, and communicated to the participating teams.

Reception of the teams , from 8:00 a.m. to 8:30 a.m.
Matches start at 9a.m. on Sunday morning, and end at the end of the day.

The first two of each group are qualified for the semi-finals, and the last two will play the classification matches.

With the presentation of the Trophies, the Tournament will close for all its categories, around 6:30 p.m., Halle Pierre Beregovoy in Mondeville.

A video of the tournament will be produced.

Welcome among us in good humor, sport and fair play.

Remember to respect the schedules, it is very important for a better course for everyone, players, organizers, public.

Anxious to offer you a quality tournament, we can count on the help of many volunteers. Amateurs in spirit, but professionals in their skills, they will commit themselves wholeheartedly to the organization and setting up of this tournament.
Their goal: to ensure that this sporting and festive weekend remains an unforgettable memory for all.
However, the « faultless » course is impossible, so we ask you to be lenient.

The competition is placed under the sign of friendship and conviviality. The serenity of the tournament must therefore be scrupulously respected.

Article 4 – FIBA

The rules applicable to the OQ are those in force with FIBA, with the exception of the points specified below.

 Article 5 – Referees

The Referees are officials recruited by the organization and volunteers in Caen.

 Article 6 – OTM

OTMs are also appointed by the organization for all matches over the weekend.

Article 7 – Playing time

The matches are played in 16 minutes not counted down, with the stopwatch stopped in the last minute of the matches (except the finals in 12MN).

No stop on the FT except in the last minute.

In the event of a tie in the direct elimination matches, extension of 1 minute.

Article 8 – Time out

A timeout of 30 seconds per half during matches.

Article 9 – Substitution

Substitutions are made on the fly, exclusively in attack (behind the ball), and the outgoing player must go out first, otherwise there is a risk of a technical foul.

 Article 10 – Fouls

4 individual fouls per player.

Small exception, at the QO we cannot play with less than 5 players, for this the last player out, if he is not replaceable, then we will award two free throws and possession on each fault.

Article 11 – Disqualification

Any unsportsmanlike behavior, violence (verbal or physical), contentious interventions on the result of a meeting will lead to the disqualification of the team or the players by the Staff.

 Article 12 – Defense

Zone defense is at the discretion of the referee.
The penalty is a free throw plus possession.

 Article 13 – Egality

In the event of a tie, we will look in order at the specific Goal-average, the general Goal-average, the points scored, the points conceded, the best offensive performance in a match and we will finish with the best defensive performance in a match.

 Article 14 – Insurance

The teams are under the responsibility of their respective association. The organizers decline all responsibility in the event of an accident, damage or theft that any person may suffer while participating in or attending the tournament.

Each team in the tournament must therefore be in order from an insurance point of view. Be very vigilant on this point!!!

 Article 15 – Refund

For any team committed, but which would be unable to come, it will be imperative to prevent the organization, by email at least 10 days before the tournament. Beyond this period, no refund will be made.

You will be eligible for a full refund of tournament fees, if you cancel before the date of June 15, 2022, without further delay.

 Article 16 – Accommodation

The organizing committee does not support the accommodation of the teams.

Although the tournament takes place over a single day, it is possible for teams coming from afar to arrive on Saturday and visit Caen and its surroundings or the various towns located by the sea.

A list of partner and nearby hotels will be sent to you on request, for teams, drivers, parents, supporters, staff, etc.

 Article 17 – Fast-food

Fast food with halal sandwich, fries, dessert, coffee, tea, etc. will be available during the tournament.

Clubs can pay with their registration, for a « Lunch » formula including sandwich, fries, dessert and drinks, for the cost of 7€ per person. A « Picnic » formula for the return is possible, at the rate of 5€ per person.

 Article 18 – Transportation

We do not cover expenses related to transport(s). All the teams will have to go to the different sites by their own means.

The transport of the delegations (Players, coaches, supporters) will be under their responsibility.

PS: Please read the rules carefully.