Just A Kid From Africa is an eco-citizenship initiative launched by the french association Quartier Ouest.

Its main goal is to offer your old sneakers, books, clothes and sport equipment for a solidarity cause. These donations will benefit to various structures in Africa, such as sport clubs, schools, libraries or also orphanages.

The idea is simple: showing once again your solidarity, by recovering all this equipment that is not used anymore, so it can be shipped to some African countries where our antennas are located (Congo-Kinshasa, Congo-Brazzaville, Cameroon, Benin, Gabon, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Morocco).

The missions that we wish to pursue are broken down according to the following aspirations:
Support for education, youth support, environment and sport institutions.
Accompaniment and Support to the national and international sports movement.

We want to ensure the democratization of quality covered basketball playgrounds. In many African countries, the lack of infrastructures and gymnasiums is penalizing, keeping in mind that the rainy season lasts for 8 months per year in some of them, and that the cost for building a gymnasium is exorbitant. With such tool, young players will have the opportunity to evolve with better conditions, and give themselves some bigger dreams.

Giving support to some orphanages, which care about children and young mothers, by offering them a financial, material and healthy support; and also offer them a socio-educational and psychosocial accompaniment, in order to lead them to autonomy.

Bringing our own skills regarding the organization of events linked to basketball, such as youth basketball camps, large-scale tournaments or even executive training ( for trainers, table officials, volunteers, statistician or also video-analyst).

Build a set of media libraries on the continent, for the pleasure of young and old alike.

Our final goals remain to open a sports academy, which will gather housing, catering for our academics, a dispensary, an orphanage, a public school and an agricultural space.


The Quartier Ouest association, located in Normandy(France), has more than 15 years of experience, and is considered as a national reference in organizing sport events linked to basketball. Among these events, you can find youth basketball camps, solidarity missions, and also tournaments, with the most important of them being called the Quartier Ouest. This one gathers male and female players, with a professional career or not, coming from France, Europe, North America and even Japan.
Among all the players who came to our tournament, the most important one remains the international french player Nicolas Batum, who currently plays for the Los Angeles Clippers NBA team.

Sapsnshoes is a structure which regroups:
-A sport and urban media, called sapsnshoes.com
-The organization of original events such as the Frenchies Love L.A trip to Los Angeles.
-A clothing brand inspired by the fashion, the Street wear and sports.
-And also a total of 6000 followers, on Facebook and Instagram.

About caritative projects we have already realized

The “Un don pour Haiti” project, with the partnership of the association called Accueil et Partage.
This project consisted in sending two containers full of essential products to the capital city “Port-Au-Prince”, in order to bring help to people who suffered from the devastating earthquake that struck the island in 2010.

We’ve also sent sport and educative equipment to multiple destinations, such as:
-Rabat(Morocco), in 2015
-Alexandria(Egypt), in 2016, for a church which has welcomed for more than 30 years Sudanese refugees
Democratic Republic of Congo, in 2009, 2019, and all years since 2021.
Cameroon, where we keep sending annual shipments since 2016.
Ivory Coast, 2020.
Benin, 2022.
Senegal, 2022.

With the partnership of the fondation Heart of L.A, we have donated tickets to children who came from unfavored neighborhood of Los Angeles, so they could watch NBA games inside the Staples Center, and come to its main playground for some basketball activities.

In France, thanks to various partnerships, we have given support to people in difficulty at multiple times, especially to migrant people in Normandy, with the donation of a hundred of warming blankets.

A small investment, for a tremendous impact!

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Education: Our activities include support for education and training projects, as well as the development of programs and tools related to this, as well as accompaniment and support to organizations for artistic and cultural projects.
Social action: Sustainable development will be one of our priorities from a long-term perspective, integrating constraints linked to the environment and the functioning of society via awareness-raising actions.
Women’s sport: The project aims to establish itself as a springboard for African women’s sport, particularly through a range of competitions entirely dedicated to women.
We therefore wish to confirm our attachment to the women’s cause, by mobilizing our energies, our capital, our skills and our organizational capacities to develop this sporting branch on African soil.
Health and Adapted Sport: One of our objectives is to offer activities that are suitable on a mental and physical level, in continuity with the care provided by medical establishments.
In addition to doing good for the body, practicing a sport often allows people who are convalescing, isolated or with disabilities to find a social connection.


My Playground

The My Playground project is about rehabilitating a basketball playground in Africa, since it’s a very young continent which unfortunately lacks of free quality structures, causing problems for practicing sports in good conditions.
Such opportunity will solve a local need, establish a cultural exchange, and bring some openness on the world for volunteers coming from different countries.

We have also planned to involve the next users of such playground for helping its rehabilitation, with the support of our volunteers coming from Europe.

-La Médiathèque

This project concerns the creation of a media library in Kinshasa, with free access for young and old. A media library is a cultural establishment which preserves and makes available to the public a collection of documents which appear on various supports, corresponding to different media, allowing consultation on site and borrowing at home.

-Lâche moi les baskets

This project is an eco-citizenship initiative, which consists in giving your old sneakers for a solidarity cause.

Do you still have some sneakers you don’t use anymore? Then don’t hesitate to send them to us, so they can bring happiness to another kid in the African continent, with the “Lâche moi les baskets” project.

We accept every style or shoe size, being used or brand new, even if our priority remains sneakers for practicing basketball.

Book Maker

The Book Maker Project is an eco-citizenship initiative, which aims to create new libraries or complete them for a solidarity cause.

We all have books that we want to get rid of, and that sometimes end up in the trash. Don’t hesitate to send them to us, so they can bring happiness to another kid in the African continent, with the Book Maker project.

We accept every style of book, such as scholar manuals, literary works, practical books, or other kind of books…

“Reading is Important. If you know how to read then the whole world opens up to you.” Barack Obama

Ze collect

The Ze Collect project is an eco-citizenship initiative, which consists of recovering your sport equipment or clothes that you don’t use anymore, for a solidarity cause.
These donations will benefit to various structures in Africa, such as sport clubs, schools or also orphanages.

We all have at home or in our clubs some jerseys, warm up jerseys or casual clothes that remain inside our cupboards for years. Don’t hesitate to send them to us, so they can bring happiness to another kid or adult in the African continent, thanks to the “Ze Collecte” project.

We accept every style or size of clothes, being used or brand new, even if our priority remains sport equipment for practicing basketball.

-La Cagnotte

To support our action, and help us ship this impatiently awaited material, you can make a donation to our Fund.

Every euro counts, and every donation is valuable help, so don’t hesitate!

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Calculate your Impact

When someone doesn’t have any shoes, the feet are not the only things to suffer from such problem.

Without shoes, people are vulnerable to scratches, cuts, bacteria and parasites which can lead to infections and other serious diseases.

For most of them, children without shoes can’t go to school. And without books, these kids are deprived of the rights of dreaming and studying.
With some new shoes, people finally receive the joy and dignity that they deserve.

When you give something such as basketball shoes, books or textiles, you don’t simply clean your cupboard, since you contribute to protect the planet and change the life of someone else.
Help to protect the environment, by allowing your old clothes to be used in a better way.


We’d like to create some partnerships with clubs, schools, libraries and other structures who’d want to make other JAKFA operations. But, we’re also interested by simple sponsorship, from various brands or companies.

If you want to organize an event, a fundraising, or any other question regarding this project, feel free to contact us by e-mail. To receive a quick answer, make sure to include all your contact information, and also specific information you’re looking for.
And of course, if you simply want to participate or to give your shoes, books, clothes and sport equipment that you don’t use anymore, feel free to contact us by using the links below.

With every likes and shares on social medias, you contribute to make visible this information, which remains also important.

-Who will be the beneficiaries

-Sports clubs.
-And still others.

Protect the environment by allowing better use of your used goods.

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