The Quartier Ouest association in partnership with Sapsnshoes, presents its annual project called Frenchies Love L.A vol 5, the objective of which is to make a fifth trip to Los Angeles, departing from Paris, from Saturday 8 to Saturday 22 February 2025.

WARNING : This trip is in no way a basketball camp, and is not only reserved for basketball players or young people. Although this sport can take an important place for some via the options, the « Frenchies Love L.A » trips are above all trips to discover the city of Los Angeles and the great American West.


Sapsnshoes is a structure that brings together:

The Quartier Ouest association, located in Normandy, has more than 15 years of existence to the point of being considered as a reference in France and internationally, in the organization of sporting events related to basketball.
Among the latter, we can find internships for young people, humanitarian missions, but also tournaments, the most famous of which is called the Quartier Ouest. This event brings together professional and amateur players from the four corners of France, Europe, Africa, the USA and even Japan.
We were able to see in particular the French international  Nicolas Batum, player of the NBA team of the  Los Angeles Clippers.

The organization builds its own trip and offers it directly to its members, without going through intermediaries.

Our trips are open to everyone, without any age or gender restrictions. Whether you are a minor or an adult, parent or child, fan of the orange ball or not, this trip is made for you!


For those who know little or nothing about this famous city, it is a place with a diverse terrain, where the sea and the desert combine with urban planning. But above all, it is one of the cities home to some of the largest complexes for sports, cinema, music, and many others.

Among the legendary names associated with it, we can find: Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Venice Beach or even Malibu, to name a few.

This city of more than 18 million inhabitants makes ethnic plurality a real strength. From Chinatown to Crenshaw, via El Pueblo, there’s a whole world you can find in this city.

Los Angeles is also a stronghold of American sport, with the L.A Lakers and the L.A Clippers in the NBA, the L.A Rams and the L.A Chargers in the NFL, the L.A Kings and Anaheim Ducks in the NHL, theL.A Dodgers and the Los Angeles Angels in MLB, the LA Galaxy and Los Angeles FC in MLS, the PGA Tour of Golf, as well as college sports with UCLA and USC.

California is also well known through the Golden State Warriors and the Sacramento Kings in the NBA, the San Jose Sharks in the NHL, the San Francisco 49ers in the NFL, the San Jose Earthquakes in MLS, the Oakland Athletics, the San Diego Padres and the San Francisco Giants in MLB, as well as the Master 1000 de Tennis d’Indian Wells.

And for those who need to see elsewhere, know that you can easily travel to Disney Land in Anaheim, Coachella and its famous festival, Las Vegas and its many casinos, San Francisco, Grand Canyon, San Diego, Tijuana and many more. other locations accessible from Los Angeles.

Of all the great metropolises in the world, Los Angeles is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating and attractive.

This stay therefore offers you the essentials of this city, at a comfortable pace to limit fatigue, which makes it ideal for families and groups.


Essential for the smooth running of this trip, here are the 5 points that we will highlight throughout this experience. For a little taste, click here:

1)The climate

For those who are not happy with French winters, know that in Los Angeles, it is the sun that awaits you impatiently, during this time of year. A real change of scenery, for anyone who wants to clear their minds and not let themselves be influenced by the grayness.

2)The beaches

Fan of the 90’s, if I say “Baywatch” to you, that should speak to you, right? Because yes, it is here and nowhere else that you will find this famous beach. And it’s not the only one, since you can find Santa Monica and its many attractions, as well as Venice Beach which is a paradise for shopaholics.

3)The movie theater

How can we talk about Los Angeles without mentioning Hollywood? With its famous cinema complexes, and its range of famous actors and actresses, this is the opportunity or never to get closer to film productions, and better understand how things happen in this world. Movie buffs, welcome to Los Angeles!


Nothing is more pleasant in such a city than being able to indulge in the madness of shopping. Whether it concerns the Outlets, the Malls or Rodeo Drive, even if you don’t want to make a purchase, simply walking around will be enough to satisfy your curiosity.


Because without him this trip would not be possible, we must not forget the important place that Basketball has in this city. Not only is it home to the university campuses of UCLA and USC, from which famous NBA basketball players come, such as DeMar DeRozanKevin LoveReggie MillerKareem Abdul Jabar, Lonzo Ball and Russell Westbrook.
But above all, it is here that you can see the city’s two NBA franchises, namely the Clippers and the Lakers, in action.

Added to this are numerous playgrounds, the birthplaces of many basketball players who have found their place at the highest level such as James Harden, Paul George, Kawhi Leonard or even the new nugget of the Charlotte Hornets Lamelo Ball.

Any fan of this sport will find what they are looking for here!


Frenchies Love L.A is above all an associative trip, and its main aim is to discover American culture, to bring together the different fans of a region, of a state, on the same trip.

During the trip you will have the opportunity to attend one or two games at the Arena, depending on the Lakers and Clippers schedule.

NBA Fan Experience :

Until now, the Clippers have given us fan experiences every year.
Among these, there is, among other things, the Pre-game warm up, which is the possibility of seeing the individual warm-up of the players in the front row. Also, we can find the Tunnel at halftime, which allows us to check on the Clippers players and staff. But however, we had the ultimate Courtside experience in 2019, 2023 and 2024, which is none other than being able to play on the floor of the Arena.

Option Basketball Try-Out :
This year, one of the big new features of our trip is our partnership with the Corneille Sport Academy, which will allow young people who wish to take part in an optional Try-Out in Los Angeles, alongside the stay.

What is a Try-Out? it is one to two days of intensive training, filmed and supervised by scouts and coaches from High School, JUCO, Prep school and University.
Who can participate? players aged 14 to 21, without any level restriction.
It’s the best way to get recruited in the USA, and for others to live this unforgettable experience.

Free Basket :
For those who wish to play basketball, whether on the playgrounds of Venice Beach and Ocean View Park, or even on other courts, do not hesitate to bring an outfit and your pair of sneakers.

The visits :
Apart from basketball, you can discover great places such as Beverly Hills, the campuses of UCLA and USC, Universal City, Hollywood or even Malibu, but also take yourself for a star on the famous Walk of Fame.

Other activities will be on the agenda, such as museum visits, evening outings, cinema-related discoveries, neighborhoods that will take you on a journey.

We have several surprises in store for you that will be revealed to you in due course !

If you want to venture out on your own, know that there will be no shortage of free time days. Because when you love the American West, there are places, sites that you have to have seen, explored. This is therefore an opportunity to be able to discover them more, on your own.


During our trip, Santa Monica and the Hi-Hostel will be our base camp for our entire stay. Its beach and pier are well known to GTA game fans, for its Palisades Park Ferris wheel. The same goes for the Third Street Promenade, which is famous for its restaurants and many shops, including Nike, Shoe Palace, Footlocker, Champs Sports and many more. In short, there will be something to satisfy everyone.


Click here for the link to the Frenchies Love L.A registration form, as well as for more details and rates

FULL formula (13 nights): from February 8 to 22
HALF formula (7 nights): from February 8 to 16
SIX formula (6 nights) : from February 15 to 22

Membership of the Quartier Ouest association is required to participate in the trip.

Click here for the link to the association membership form

The offers are valid within the limit of available places, so you will need to book early. Registrations are now open until October 30, 2024, with a limited number of places.

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