Rules for Kids United Tournament

Article 1
Teams are composed of 12 players.
Their managers must look permanently after them, during the competition.
Each team must have 2 kinds of jersey, and balls for warming up with their club name.
Don’t forget the licenses or the players identity cards, if you want to claim something.
One player can play in only one team during the tournament.
A list of names, including each player’s number for the team, must be provided before the tournament starts.
The tournament is, of course, open to any U13 mixed team. Then, they will compete with the other boy teams.

Article 2
Games will be guided by official or benevol referees.

Article 3
Any game is composed of 2 halves of 10 minutes, without stopping the clock, except if we are in second half last minute. A one minute overtime will be added if no team has won at the end of the second half. A 30 seconds time out is granted to each team, in each half.

Article 4
Substitions are made without stopping the clock.
If one player enters the court before another leaves it, a technical foul will be whistled by the referee.

Article 5
Every player who has 4 fouls during a game, will be expelled from it.

Article 6
At the beginning of a game, if the minimal number of players required for a team(5 players) is not respected, this last one will be declared loser on a score of 0 to 20 points.

Article 7
A victory brings 2 points to a team, 1 point for a defeat, and 0 for a penalty or a sanction.
The teams who will have finished 1st and 2nd of their pool will go to the Playoffs, while teams at the bottom of the pool classification go to the Playdowns.
During these two phases, games will lead to a direct elimination.

Article 8
If some teams have the same number of points, then will be taken in consideration those attributes in such order: oppositions, particular goal-average, general goal-average, offense, defense…
If many teams are equals at the end of the pools, and one of them has a penalty, this one will be considered at the bottom of this established classification.

Article 9
In order to optimise the sportive management, the organisation comity has the right to modify the tournament behavior.

Article 10
Any player who is dismissed during a game, will be charged for the next one, and disqualified from the tournament if this person keeps such behavior. Any team who would behave without sportsmanship on the court, or also outside the court, will be charged. More troubles could lead to an exclusion and disqualification from the entire tournament.

Article 11
Any rules are those of the French Federation of Basket-Ball(FFBB). Any trouble shall be ruled by the tournament organisational comity, whose decisions will be uncontestable.

Article 12
To participate in such tournament means, for a club, to accept these mentionned rules, but also to be photographed by us during the tournament, and allow us to use pictures for our next communications.

A reminder of these rules shall be available, on every concerned gym, during the competition.