You’ll find here different informations to make sure your registration will be complete.

First of all, you’ll have to become a member of the association, thanks to this link


X Pack : 3 300€ 
Y Pack : 2 500€, but the flight won’t be included in the price.
A Pack : 5 300€, if you want to participate to the two sessions.
B Pack : 4 500€, if you want to participate in both sessions, but come to Los Angeles alone.

There’s a limited number of 30 seats per session.

All the activities that are part of the program are included in these prices.


  • The round trip from Paris to Los Angeles.
  • The drive from Los Angeles Airport to the hostel.
  • The transport fees during all the camp(s).
  • The hostel fees​ (Players will be put into rooms, according to their age and gender).
  • The three daily meals, and the snacks.
  • The gift from the equipment partner
  • Trainings
  • Games and tournaments
  • Other activities​ :​ WNBA game, Venice Beach, Drew League, Hollywood…

For those who don’t want to travel from Paris with us, you’ll have the possibility to come by yourself and get your own flight tickets, choosing the Y or the B Pack. But you’ll have to make sure there won’t be any problem with the organisation while arriving to Los Angeles.

Family Pack

F pack : 2 250€ for relatives.

Nous proposons une formule famille, pour les parents souhaitant profiter de Los Angeles, pendant la durée du camp.
We also propose a Family Pack, for parents who would like to travel to Los Angeles during the camp.

Keep in mind that this pack only includes the hostel, the round trip and breakfasts.

Parents will have the possibility to watch their children during trainings, or also during games.
However, keep in mind that with this pack, parents will be completely autonomous and won’t depend of the association.

J-1 Pack

J-1 pack : 100€

We propose to the trainees to be managed in Paris one day before the flight, to make sure they won’t miss the appointment at the airport.
This pack is wisely recommanded for people living out of the Metropolitan France. It includes 1 night at the hotel, a dinner, a breakfast and a trip to the Paris-CDG airport.

Benefit from a 50€ discount per player, if more than 2 kids from the same family or the same club come together. This offer can be cumulated up to 100€.


  • Become a member of the Quartier Ouest association.
  • Fill the online form for registration
  • Read the rules related to the camp.
  • Sign the convention and send it back to us.
  • Pay the amount needed for the camp before June.
  • Joindre un certificat médical d’aptitude à la pratique du Basketball ou une photocopie de la licence fédérale.
  • Join a medical certification for basketball pratice, or a copy of the player licence from his/her federation.

PS: For those who will have booked before Mars the 31st of 2020, their jerseys will be customised with their numbers and names, if needed.

Personal expenses only regard the players who did them.

Payment method by wire transfer, on simple demand.


In case of cancellation, the according sums will be kept by the association in theses cases :

  • More than 6 months before the flight : 25 % of the total amount.
  • More than 3 months before the flight : 50 % of the total amount.
  • Less than 3 months before the flight : 100% of the total amount.

Before the flight

  • Make sure you have a valid passport.
  • Make sure you have an ESTA authorization.Join an authorization to leave your own territory, and also a copy of the id card from a legal representative of any young player.

Caution: if the applicant parent doesn’t have the same surname than his child, a documentary proof will be needed, such as a divorce proof, a family record book, or other…


  • Join a copy of your liability insurance(repatriation, accident and healthcare highly recommanded).
  • Join a medical certification for basketball practice or a copy of your federal licence.
  • The Quartier Ouest association has its own liability insurance.

Once you completed the registration, you’ll receive an email with all needed informations, procedures and documents that you’ll have to send us before the next 7 days, in order to complete your dossier.

Once we received the complete dossier, we’ll confirm the registration of your child to the camp, within the limit of available seats.

Click on this link to reach the form for registration