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Hérouville Kids United 2019: English version


With the partnership of the QUARTIER OUEST association, Herouville Basket is proud to invite you to its next basketball tournament, the « Hérouville Kids United ». Starting on June the 8th of 2019 at Hérouville Saint-Clair, it will concern boys and girls from the U13 and U15 categories.

QUARTIER OUEST, a national and international reference in organizing basketball events, is known for its famous basketball tournament, one of the most important Streetball tournaments in Europe.
HEROUVILLE BASKET, a basketball club created in 1962 and gathering more than 240 licensed people nowadays, plays an important part in the basket-ball environment of Normandy.

This event aims to gather young talents from France and Other Countries, so they can play together basketball, which of course is their common passion.

This high quality tournament will garantee you to have an intense and unforgettable basketball journey, in and out of the court.

We hope to welcome more than sixty teams, from different french regions and other countries.

We’ll be glad to welcome you in our region, where you’ll find everything needed for having a nice trip.

This tournament is near great places, such as:

-Caen’s historical center town(5 minutes by car)
-Ouistreham’s beach(10 minutes)
-The city of Rennes(1h30 by car)

A dreamday, full of nice memories!

This tournament will be managed by a professional team, known for its seriousness.
If you are interested, contact us as soon as possible, so we can give you more informations.


Every mail shall be treated chronologically, so all of them might not be accepted.

For any information, you can contact:

Mr YAMBA Jimmy
cellphone: +33 (0)

Next will come the tournament process.


This tournament will take place on 3 locations, both accessible by foot from each other, which will ensure teams and technical staff to work perfectly.

Here are these 3 locations :
-The Laporte gym, which will be the tournament focal point, with a main room, and 2 basketball courts outside of it.
-The Humbert gym, which includes a full court, and another room, for warming up and contests.
-The Val Saint-Clair gym, where you will find two courts inside.

CAUTION: In case of rain, every game will take place inside, and nowhere else.

The game’s order will be decided by the organizing staff, and shall be communicated to the participating teams.

Everybody shall be welcomed at the Laporte gym, from 7 o’clock to 8:30 AM. The tournament itself shall start at 9:00 AM, on saturday.

Every team will have to come by their own way. However, if anything bad happens during the process, a bus shall be available to avoid more troubles.

The maximum number of teams per category is 16, no level restriction, and each of them will play at least 4 games.

This tournament will end for every category, when the trophies will be awarded to the winners, at 6:00 PM in Laporte gym. Every participating club will have a reward. Also, a movie clip shall be produced.

A quality tournament could not be possible without the help of sixty benevols. Competent professionals with a passionated spirit, they will make sure that the tournament and its organisation will work perfectly, so we’ll keep in mind the best kind of memory from this event, although we’re aware that it’s impossible to make it flawless.


Next will come informations related to the registration.


Your registration will become available, only if you have filled the online form, and paid the fees for each of your team.

For each team who will participate, you’ll have to pay an amount of 50€ (Free for international team)

You can register until May the 15th of 2019, but places are limited, since there’s a lot of people who wants to participate.

WARNING: Only the first 16 teams per category will be definitely considered as registrated.

An E-mail confirmation will be sent to your team, confirming your participation to the tournament.


Teams living far from here, can come on friday night.

You can ask us for a list of  partner hotels or host familly, available for teams, conductors, parents, staff…


A fast food service will be available during the tournament, with halal sandwich, chips, desserts and more.
You can pay for some meals while registring. Pay 7€ per person, and you’ll benefit from a lunch formula, with a Sandwich, Chips, Dessert and Drinks. A « pique-nique » formula is also available for the end of the tournament, and will cost 5€ per person.

Free time

Many things are proposed during this weekend:
-Visiting Caen’s Center.
-Spending time at Ouistreham and its beach.
-Festyland, one of the most famous theme park in Normandy, for any age.


We won’t take charge of any transport fee. Clubs are responsible of everything related to their team(s) transport.



Teams insurance is managed by their own association. The staff won’t be responsible for any accident or theft. So, every team must pay attention to their own insurance. Keep that in mind!


For any participating team who would be in the impossibility to come, their managers must call our organisation, by e-mail or phone, at least 10 days before the tournament starts, but not after.

You can possibly be refunded for tournament fees, if you manage to cancel before May the 21st 2019, but not after.


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