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Frenchies Love Kinshasa (English version)

Attention : This project is more oriented toward solidarity, which is really different from the Frenchies Love L.A trips. So, if you just want to visit a new city without any interest for caritative missions, then we can only advise you to look for something else.

The french association Quartier Ouest and its program Just a Kid From Africa, with the partnership of the Sapsnshoes structure, is proud to introduce its brand new project called Frenchies Love Kinshasa, which aims to organize a caritative trip to the capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo.


The Quartier Ouest association is located in Normandy(France), and has more than 14 years of experience in organizing sports events linked to basketball, while being recognized as a reference at a national scale. Among all the things this association organizes, you can find youth basketball training camps, caritative missions and also tournaments, with its most famous one being called the Quartier Ouest. Such tournament allow male and female basketball players, with a professional career or not, to challenge each other while coming from the entire France, but also from other european countries, from North America, and even from Japan.Among all the players who have participated in this tournament, the most famous one remains the french international player called Nicolas Batum, who currently plays for the NBA team of the Los Angeles Clippers.

Regarding the Sapsnshoes structure, this one represents many parts, such as:
-A media linked to sports and urban cultures, called
-The organisation of original events, such as the Frenchies Love L.A trip.
-A clothing brand inspired by codes from fashion, sports and other ones.
-And also a total of 6000 followers, on Facebook and Instagram.

We’ve also already realized other caritative actions, so we’ll describe them in the next lines.

The « Un don pour Haïti » project, with the partnership of the « Accueil et Partage » association. Its goal was to send 2 containers full of essentiel products, to the capital city of « Port-au-Prince », in order to help every person who suffered from the disastrous earthquake that struck the Haïti island in 2010.

We’re also responsible for sending some equipment linked to sports and education, for people in multiple destinations:
-In 2015, to the city of Rabat(Morocco).
-In 2016, donations for a church based in Alexandria (Egypt), which has been welcoming sudanese refugees for thirty years.
-In 2009, 2019 and 2021, to the Democratic Republic of Congo.
-And since 2016, we keep sending equipment every year to Cameroon cities.

We had also established a partnership with the Heart of L.A foundation, and donated some tickets to children from unfavored neighborhoods in Los Angeles, so they can watch an NBA game and have the opportunity to play on the Staples Center basketball court.

And finally, in France, with the help of many partnerships, we’ve sent material support numerous times to suffering people, especially for migrants in Normandy who received from us a hundred of warming blankets.

Just a Kid From Africa

The main goal of this project is to link two factors that are extremely important to us: Education and Sports.

All the missions we want to achieve are linked to the following goals:
Giving support to the ministries of education, youth supervision, environment and sports.
Support and supervision for the national and international sports initiatives.

Our main points are the following:
Education : Our activities include support to education and training projects, and also development of programs and tools linked to them. We also care about supervision and support for organisations that want to launch artistic and cultural projects.
Social Action : On a long term perspective, sustainable development will be one of our priorities, which will include constraints linked to this society environment and its functioning, by organizing awareness actions.
Feminine sports This project also wants to boost the feminine african sports, especially with the setting up of competitions entirely dedicated to women.We really want to confirm our interest to the feminine cause, so we’ll do all we can to develop such aspects in the african continent.
Healthy and adapted sports : One of our objectives is to propose some activities that may help mental and physical health, while respecting all the medical care that was already brought to some people by medicine institutions.While being an activity that can increase the body’s health, sports is also an opportunity for people with several problems(convalescence, insulation, or even handicap) to regain some social well-being.

For more information regarding the Just A Kid From Africa project, click here 


A little geography reminder: Kinshasa is 2000 kilometers away from the troubled regions of the eastern parts of the country, which had all contributed to the bad reputation of DRC regarding tourism and fear. Boycotting such city would be the equivalent of not going to Los Angeles because of problems that could happen at the Rio Grande border.

Kinshasa is not only the capital city, but also the biggest place in the entire Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s a cosmopolitan city, with a big part of foreigners living there, which has many languages spoken by its inhabitants(such as lingala, kikongo, swahili or alos tshiluba) while french remains as an official language there. Its population was estimated to 15 millions inhabitants in 2020, and its urban agglomeration is the third most populated in Africa, just after Cairo(Egypt) and Lagos(Nigeria). Located on the southern part of the Congo river bank, this city is just in front of Brazzaville, which is the capital city of the Republic of Congo.

This city is known for its festive reputation, and as a city which never sleeps. It is best known for its mythical neighborhood of Matonge(Kalamu), considered as the ambient focal point of the capital, and also the SAPE temple since the seventies.Kinshasa is also praised and renowned in the entire world for its various talents and curiosities, such as the Rumba, the SAPE, and its numerous artists, which help this city to be known as a modern and lively metropolis with a very deep culture.

The congolese RUMBA, which found its roots in the fifties from cuban influences, has kept developing itself until now with the Ndombolo, who also inspired numerous types of other musics in Africa. Among them are the « Coupé décalé », the Soukous, or even the « Lopélé ».Some of its most famous representatives are Papa Wemba, Koffi Olomide, or even Fally Ipupa.

« La Sape« , or the « Société des Ambianceurs et des Personnes Élégantes », is another congolese curiosity, as it represents a unique socio-clothing trend in Kinshasa and Brazzaville, which consists in wearing brand clothes with an ostensible goal.

If anyone needs to travel elsewhere, remember that it’s easy to go to Brazzaville city. The distance between both capitals is so short, that they are both reachable in 20 minutes by boat, since they are only separated by the Congo River.Also, if you want to see the Atlantic Ocean, then don’t hesitate to visit the town of Muanda(Republic of Congo), which is reachable after 90 minutes of flight.

The McKinsey Global Institute considers that Kinshasa will be part of the 20 most dynamic cities of the world in 2025. Right now, it’s already the biggest french speaking agglomeration, since it has recently become more populated than Paris.


Since this region is not so popular in tourism, and remains mostly unknown for the common tourists, it will bring real happiness for travelers looking for something such as authenticity or rare and unique moments, things that are quite lost with nowadays mass tourism.

Here are the 5 key points that will make this trip a pleasant experience for everyone.


The Democratic Republic of Congo remains a very young country, with 36 millions of inhabitants who are less than 14 years old, representing 46% of the whole population. However, because this city lacks real and reliable infrastructure, all these people encounter big troubles when it comes to flourishing.

We have prepared 3 solidarity actions to help these young people, which are the following:
The Ground, which consists in the rehabilitation of a basketball playground in Kinshasa.
Lâche-moi les baskets, which is a collect of basketball shoes that already happened in France, and their delivery to congolese structures such as orphanages, schools, and sports clubs.
Ze collecte, which is another collect that already happened, except that this one is targeting clothing and equipment for sports, so these can be delivered to other Congolese structures, such as schools or sports clubs.


The Democratic Republic of Congo has already made some important progress regarding Education. However, it remains in the entire world a country with one of the biggest numbers of kids out of school.There is an estimation of 3,5 millions of children that are out of school, with 26,7% of kids that should be in primary school at the moment.In order to bring at least something against such injustice, we want to put an emphasis on equity and improvement of the learning opportunities.

This will concern three strategic points:
An intervention with a scholar meeting, with the opportunity to debate on topics such as the difference between their lives as local kids and ours, the planet, the importance of reading, racism or even the Covid-19.
-An opportunity to bring them books, comics, mangas or also school manuals and equipment, with the help of our 4th solidarity action called Book Maker.
The organisation of a school trip, during which we’ll be in charge of their transports and their activities. Because even if it’s normal to benefit from school trips when you’re an occidental pupil, there are still numerous schools in DRC where such opportunity is not possible.


Kinshasa’s climate is an equatorial one, and it’s composed of a rainy season, and also a dry one.The Congo river is boarding the Kinshasa city and can’t be dissociated from this last one, which allows people to participate in beautiful experiences near the periphery of the city.Despite its urbanisation that started during the 19th century, Kinshasa has kept numerous parts of the old savannah, especially in the periphery of the Gombe neighborhood, which is considered as the most important economical part of the city. It is then possible to find many natural sites, where you can be as close as possible to the fauna and the flora.

4)Arts and History

Kinshasa had a glorious period during the Kongo Empire, before being invaded by the portuguese soldiers and facing the belgian colonization. Many parts of this long history remain inside some museums, parks, markets and monuments inside this city.It’s possible to find numerous tourist attractions inside this city, such as the first catholic churches, or even the « Tata Raphael » stadium, where a famous boxing fight happened, opposing Muhammad Ali to George Foreman.


Basketball remains the focal point of this trip, as it is simply the second most practiced collective sport in the DRC, behind soccer. So there’s no reason to underestimate the important place given to the orange ball in this city, and also in this country.

Many famous NBA basketball players come from the DRC, such as Dikembe Mutombo(Hall of Famer), Bismack Biyombo, Emmanuel Mudiay, or even Patrick Mutombo(assistant coach in the NBA).It’s also a great place for african feminine basketball, with players who were in the WNBA such as Mwadi Makiba or Bernadette Ngoyisa Mudju(3 titles as an african champion, and a selection to the 1996 Olympic Games), and many more.Other players have congolese origins but play for a different selection.
Among them are:
Serge Ibaka (Spain) and Clint Capela (Switzerland), who both play in the NBA.
Charles Kahudi and Guerschon Yabusele, who are both part of the French National Team.

Don’t hesitate to read our french article about Basketball in Congo.

In addition to our solidarity projects listed above, we will organize a local edition of the 5X5 Quartier Ouest tournament, a 3X3 tournament, a basketball training for referees, statisticians and table officials, and also a colloquium for coaches and physical condition trainers.

Don’t hesitate to read our interview of a local activist, who talks about the basketball situation in Kinshasa.

Almost 152 millions of children are victims of forced labor in the world. Among these kids, 72 millions of them live in Africa.


This project remains a solidarity trip, with its main goal being the discovery of the DRC capital city and the achievement of a small caritative mission inside this city.

The Solidarity Worksite:
The rehabilitation of a basketball playground is an opportunity to solve local needs and establish a real cultural exchange with volunteers coming from different countries.

School Intervention:
We will propose support for homeworks, but also reading classes, and lessons regarding dance, music and theater.

Actions for an orphanage:
We will organize some support actions for a Kinshasa orphanage.

Sports colloquium:
Basketball training camps and tournaments will be organized, but we’ll also organize internships for coaches, physical condition trainers, video analysts, table officials, referees and statisticians.

Nature and Discovery:
Many places will be visited, such as:
-The bonobos sanctuary, at Lola Ya Bonobo.
-A Safari inside the park of the Nsele Valley.
-As an option, you can go to Brazzaville or visit the Nzongo falls, but you can also walk along the Mangengenge Mount.

Arts and History:
There are 14 millions inhabitants and 450 tribes in Kinshasa. We have made a selection of importants places for you to discover, such as:
-The presidential park of the Ngaliema Mount.
-The Limete Exchanger
-The Lumumba Statue
-The « Notre-Dame du Congo » Cathedral
-The Martyrs Stadium


During such trip, Gombe will host our group for the whole time we’ll spend there.Gombe is a town in the north of the Kinshasa province. It is at the same time a residential and business town, located in front of Brazzaville, and it’s also the place for the principal ministerial bodies of the country, such as the « Palais de la Nation » where you can find the republic presidency, The Central Bank, and also many ministries, medias and diplomatic representations.Inside this town, you can also find the principal financial institutions, the business center, and the headquarters of the United Nations Organization Mission in the Congo (MONUSCO). With all these places, everyone shall find satisfaction during this trip.


Many telephone operators are working inside the national territory, with access to the Internet, such as Vodacom, Orange, Airtel, Africell and others.To join someone in DRC, use the +243 prefix, and then add the local phone number without its first zero.To make a phone call from the DRC to another country, you’ll have to put 00 first, then the country code, and finally the phone number without its first zero.

Congolese Franc

The congolese franc is the official currency for the DRC, but you can still use american dollars there.


FULL NA FULL formula : (11 nights)
MALEMBE formula : (7 nights)

This Trip includes:
-Welcome and accompaniment
-Flights from and to Paris
-Transports from the airport to the hostel
-The scheduled activities from the program
-Group Insurance

These formulas don’t include:
-Personal expenses and other extras
-Meals, except for the breakfast
-Tips-City’s transports(Taxi, Bus, and others)
-Personal Insurances
-VISA fees

Membership form available soon

Since these offers are only available for a limited number of seats, we can only advise you to make an early registration.Once the dates for this trip will be known, a registration period will then be proposed to you.

Registration form available soon

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